Let your contract vendors submit their claims and go paperless

December 25, 2017

How many vendors are submitting their monthly claims to your accounts payables and how long you are spending your time to record each invoice repeatedly of the same amount but only the invoice number and date of invoice is the change?

We had created a web portal whereby the appointed contract vendor will do a one-time registration with us. We will create an user id and password for each vendor.

When they want to submit their claims, they will login with their id and password. Once authenticated, they will enter the invoice number, date of invoice and amount, followed by attaching a pdf invoice.

At your Accounts Payable module, your job is to eyeball the information and click [Approve]. The system will record the expenses on the accrual basis and at the same time, a payment entry will be generated in the payment module based on the due date set in the vendor’s profile.

1. You save time on doing the data entry , just need to approve the fixed monthly charges into your Accounts Payable

2. You don’t have to monitor the payment. When it is due (see date of  payment voucher), print out the payment voucher for approval and prepare the cheques for council to sign.

3. Vendors can view the status of the payment online without the need to chase your accounts department for payment.

FAQ: Can the council member approve the payment via handphone?
Ans : This is in the pipeline, we assumed that any one member to approve and the other to sign the cheque, in this way, there is no need to wait for each other to complete the payment cycle.

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