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Paying in excess to the vendor – Do you allow this?

If you are the managing agent, the operational staff prepare…

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Resigning en masse…are you prepared?

It is not unheard of that a manager resigned and the rest of the colleagues follow suit en masse

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Are you putting a square peg into a round hole?

Accounting software generally perform the same function, allow you to perform 4 major functions

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Accounting software – What are the various after-sales services available?

After you had signed the paper on the dotted line, honeymoon is almost immediately over

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Do you have a feedback channel for all grievances or whistle to be heard?

Lets’ face it, all business owners will have a fare share of complaints and bitter experiences their customers had with your company products

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Expanding your business without increasing your headcount

Are you expanding your business by going for more projects? Can your existing resources cope with the increase?

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