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Not all 2 Unit of measures features are built the same

Some software can handle 2 unit of measure for the same stock keeping unit (SKU). Some software can only record single unit of measure. What …

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Performance incentive for employee

We have read, in the social media or hear from our customers, that our employees have performed below the customers’ expectation. You may have a …

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No more returned email

Do you create a new email accounts when a new staff join you, using their name followed by your domain name? What if the staff …

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Accounting for expendable Items….a necessary evil

Many users asked or believed that expendable items need not be taken up in the inventory system or those in the service business where they …

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Paying in excess to the vendor – Do you allow this?

If you are the managing agent, the operational staff prepare…

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Resigning en masse…are you prepared?

It is not unheard of that a manager resigned and the rest of the colleagues follow suit en masse

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