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Fired employee hacked into company’s computer system and deleted servers, causing it to lose S$918,000

Credit : CNA This type of news is too common and it seems owners are at the mercy of the staff that is managing the …

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Scaling up sales or productivity without additional cost

Credit : TNPStraitsTime Most of us do grocery shopping at our nearest grocery store. Have you noticed that there are more self checkout kiosks for …

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Secure your company information with 2 FA

Most software or applications (apps) require only login identification and password to access the system as the barest minimum security feature. Depending on the nature …

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Police report lodged against Singapore Silat Federation finance director over alleged salary irregularities

Credit : Why is this type of news constantly appearing in our media? I believe the gap is in the reporting. There is a …

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Not all 2 Unit of measures features are built the same

Some software can handle 2 unit of measure for the same stock keeping unit (SKU). Some software can only record single unit of measure. What …

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Performance incentive for employee

We have read, in the social media or hear from our customers, that our employees have performed below the customers’ expectation. You may have a …

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