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Third-Party API Support
Why do we build Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)?

We understand that there is no one size fits all solution. You have some unique requirements and your workflow is different. You have some controls that you want to incorporate into your system. You have ready solutions and you want to achieve more by connecting them with Realtimme Cloud Solutions.

We heard you. Therefore, we build the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect our solutions with other software. We have in-house developers to customise our solution so that you can gain more from using our solution. One of such customisations includes modifying your Excel report (for sales, commission, consolidation, etc) using pivot tables.

Talk to us now and we can tailor make our solution to your requirements, at a reasonable fee.

How API has helped these organisations connect their existing systems to and from Realtimme Cloud
Brevo Mass email

We built API to connect to Realtmme Cloud customer and supplier masterfiles to allow users to send email for announcements or news or what's new

Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier (FVFS)

FVFS’s E-commerce web ordering system is directly connected to Realtimme Cloud via API.

Infolog Pte Ltd

Infolog’s warehouse management and third-party logistics system is directly connected to Realtimme Cloud accounting via API.

MyCondo Pte Ltd

MyCondo’s property management and fees booking facility is connected to Realtimme Cloud accounting via API.

Actual examples of customisations done

Example 1: Customer Master changed to Student Master for childcare and daycare business

Example 2: Download sales from online portal( Shopee or Lazada  in .csv format), import to Sales module 

Example 3: Customised reports in Microsoft Excel using pivot tables

Example 4: Integrating with third-party mass email, messaging and marketing software via API

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