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June 10, 2023

Most software or applications (apps) require only login identification and password to access the system as the barest minimum security feature.
Depending on the nature of the content and exchange of information, some are regarded as highly sensitive, so that it warrants more than just a login id and password to access.

Some system requires your password to include lowercase with uppercase, and alphanumeric with special characters (&%^$#@) and a minimum of 8 characters.
This poses a challenge to most users as you have to record it somewhere or store it in your computer drive somewhere. That reminds me of a case of a bank with a steel door for their walk-in safe box but the burglars hacked through the wall from the neighboring heartland shop next door.

Company financial statements and transactions contents are considered private and confidential and only authorised personnel, presumably the accounts team can access and input or update the company’s account.
Traditionally your accounting software resides in your company computer or server and the physical security will be the locks and keys to the finance team room, or even adding network security to the intranet system.
With internet and cloud computing, many companies are giving up their control over the safeguarding of their data in exchange for speed and real-time update information and sometimes cost savings to a shared IT infrastructure.

Realtimme cloud recently added a 2 factor authentication to our system, using a one-time password (OTP)  sent to the user email, as a second step, before the system opens to let users access their daily work.
You, the business owner, can choose to activate this feature or selectively set certain users to be prompted for an OTP before entering the system.

Managing agents (MCST plan) who manage residential and commercial properties will find this added security feature useful as the content of the strata roll is classified as private and confidential, with owners information inside. 

For Chinese temple software users, your devotees and stakeholders, collection information is highly confidential and private. 

Generally, you want to ensure that the user that login is your own user and not someone outside your organization that accidentally lays their hands on the  login id and password, intentionally or not.
This feature was added with some running cost at our end but we find it necessary to give our users the added assurance and confidence that their data or information is secured within their authorised users only.

We are always on the lookout for technological trends and standards that are cost effective to implement into our system for the benefit of our users.

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