Frequently Asked Questions – Before you sign up

    Realtimme Cloud Accounting is very versatile and feature-packed to accommodate very wide industrial requirement. Drop us an email(

Realtimme Cloud Accounting is designed with non-accounts trained users in mind, it is easy to set up and easy to use. We stress on stability and user-friendliness in our products.We already have many users who are non-accounts trained. Your admin clerk would be able to manage almost all the accounting tasks by learning from the many training videos.

While it is a full set of complete solutions, you need not use all the modules if you don’t want to. Just use the modules you need and integrate your order processing later to the accounts module.
It will be good if you can export the profiles into excel format. Talk to us and we will advice you the appropriate method. We have migrated MYOB, SageUBS, FACT, SageAccpac, and many other system users. A fee would be charged for the migration, please consult.
Yes, Realtimme is a true multi-users program, allowing multi users to access the same submenu at the same time, unlike other accounting software, only allows one user to access one menu at any one time.
You can keep many years of data as you wish. As long as you subscribe to our service, our data center will manage the storage facilities. You do not have to worry about the IT infrastructure. See Q17 below
Realtimme supports multiple company logins. Each company must start with a minimum of 1-user plan. For example, you have one user managing 3 company accounts, you will sign up 3 sets of 1-user plan, indicating each company name, particulars and functional currency of each company.
We have bookkeepers or management consulting firm using Realtimme to maintain their clients’ accounts.
You can start using Realtimme Cloud with one user plan, one person handling the full set of accounts. As your company grows, you can sign up for more users access such that several users can access the software concurrently over the internet. You pay only the difference and still enjoy the discount. As promised, we start with you…. We grow with you.
You can start using Realtimme Cloud almost immediately, keep your first half of the accounts in your existing software and continue with the second half in Realtimme Cloud thereafter
With the Realtimme project module, you create Jobs or Projects code. charge your related sales, purchases & expenses transactions to these Jobs or Projects. A separate project profit and loss accounts with ledgers can be generated from the system.

Now you can start off with an affordable subscription fee of SGD400 (or approximately USD320) per year per user. Most often, new business owners usually do not know what they need in their accounting system, for their business, it would be wiser to start with Realtimme Cloud, easier for your cash-flow.

Realtimme Cloud solutions of course. You can be a one-man operation and / or a 100 staff strength operations. With Realtimme Cloud, you do not need to change software because your business grow.
We have thousands of users to date and the number is growing everyday. We have made it so affordable and you can view the features and functions or in the training videos. You cannot go wrong.

Realtimme Cloud will be your choice. We have cut down training costs, printing manual, preparing installation disc, keeping a small and effective support team, just to pass the savings to you. We continuously add in new features and functions at no additional costs so that you stay with us always.

In Realtimme, our mission statements says that we start with you… we grow with you.
You pay only what you use. Increase your users when time is good and reduce your users when time is not so good. We will still be with you even if you are one-user company.

You do not purchase the software anymore, so there is no maintenance fee to pay. The subscription fee goes to the use of the data storage space, support staff salary to maintain the software and your database in the data center and our software engineers to continue with the research and developments, bringing more state of the art IT features to you.
Nothing is forever. We will be very sad. But before you go, let us know why? so that we do not want to say goodbye to the next user again. If you really have to go, print out (or export out) your month end reports and full year ledgers or audit trials into pdf format (or excel spreadsheets) as a hardcopy. We will advice you, as a last service to you. We hope the best for you.
We charge a nominal fee of SGD50.00 (approximately USD40.00) per year for storage space. You can access the information but no posting or update. If you decide not to pay after a few years, we will remove your data from our data centre.

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