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Realtimme Cloud Solutions accounting software is a very versatile and feature-packed solution which is able to accommodate wide industrial requirement Drop us an email at to find out more from us.

Realtimme Cloud Solutions accounting software is designed with non-accounting trained users in mind. It is easy to set up and easy to use. We stress on stability and user-friendliness in our solutions. We currently have many users who are not accounting trained on board the system. Your administrative clerk would be able to manage almost all of the accounting tasks by learning from our many training videos who are designed to be easy to follow.

While Realtimme Cloud Solutions accounting software is a complete accounting solution, you do not need to use all the modules if you don’t want to. Simply use the modules you require and integrate your order processing to the accounts module at a later stage.

if you can export your customers, suppliers and stock profiles into .xls or .xlsx format. We have migration tools for you to easily self help to migrate your master files and b/f figures to Realtimme Cloud. Our support will be around to assists if you encounter problem.

We have successfully migrated profiles from FACT, MYOB, SageAccpac, SageUBS, Autocount, Quickbook and many other systems.

Yes, it can be done. Realtimme Cloud Solutions accounting software is a true multiple users solution, allowing multiple users to access the same submenu at the same time.

You can keep the data for as many years as you wish. As long as you continue to subscribe to our service, our data centre will manage your data storage facilities. You do not have to worry about the IT infrastructure. Even if you decide to exit Realtimme Cloud, see Q 17. You can pay a nominal fee of SGD 50 (approximately USD 40) per year for data storage. You can access your data anytime but you would not be able to post or update any accounting entries. If you decide to terminate the data storage service, we will remove your data from our data centre.

Realtimme Cloud Solutions support multiple company logins. Each company must start with a minimum one-user subscription plan. For example, you have one user who manages three separate company accounts. In order to support all these different accounts, you would need to sign up three sets of the one-user subscription plan. You only need to indicate all the company names, particulars and functional currency of each of these companies.

We have book keepers and management consulting firms using Realtimme Cloud Solutions to maintain their clients’ accounts.

You can start using Realtimme Cloud with a one-user plan with one person handling the full set of accounts. As your company grows, you can add more users by signing up for multiple users plan. You only need to pay the difference with our discounted multiple users plans. Our mantra is “We start with you…. we grow with you”.

No, you do not need to wait for the current financial year to end. You can start to use Realtimme Cloud Solutions almost immediately. You only need to keep the first half financial year of your accounts in your existing software and continue the second half financial year of your accounts using Realtimme Cloud Solutions.

With the Project module in Realtimme Cloud Solutions, you can create different job or project codes. Charge the related sales, purchases and expenses transactions to these jobs and projects accordingly. A separate profit and loss accounts with ledgers can be generated from the system.

Realtimme Cloud Solutions is a versatile accounting solution. Our annual subscription fee starts at an affordable rate of SGD 400 (approximately USD 320) per user. Most often, many new business owners do not know what they need in an accounting software for their businesses. We would encourage these business owners to explore Realtimme Cloud Solutions for its ease of use and affordability.

Of course, we would recommend Realtimme Cloud Solutions. It is so robust and versatile that whether you are a one-man operation or 100-staff strength operation, Realtimme Cloud Solutions can be implemented in your business and grow with your business.

We have thousands of users on Realtimme Cloud Solutions currently and the number is growing every day. We have made this fantastic system so affordable so that more business owners can easily implement the solution. To prove the robustness, versatility and ease of use, you can view the features, functions and modules of Realtimme Cloud Solution in action in our training videos.

Realtimme Cloud Solutions should be your choice. We have cut down unnecessary training costs, printing of user manual, preparing software installation disc and keeping a small yet effective Technical Support team so that we can pass these savings to you. We are continuously reviewing our software and add in new and better features and functions at no additional costs to our customers so that they are not burdened by high software costs.

In Realtimme, our mantra is “We start with you… we grow with you”. Our customers only need to pay what they need. Upgrade your subscription plan when the time is ripe or downgrade your subscription plan to reduce excess. Realtimme Cloud Solutions would still be a perfect accounting software for your company even if you are on one-user subscription plan.

Unlike some accounting software, you do not purchase Realtimme Cloud Solutions, therefore you need not pay hefty maintenance fee to continue using the software or purchase new version when the software upgrades.

Our annual subscription fee is structured to include the data storage fees, technical support fees and software development fees so that our software keeps improving with better usability and more functionality, bringing the state of art IT features to you, at no additional costs.

We know that nothing lasts for eternity. Before you terminate our service, do share with us the reason behind your termination, whether it is due to a another accounting solution that suits your business needs better or it is due to the unsatisfactory user experience. We want to hear from you.

To retrieve your data, print or export your month-end reports and full year ledgers or audit trails into Microsoft Excel or Portable Document format (PDF) anytime before the termination date.

To keep your Realtimme Cloud Solutions data with us even though you are not using our accounting software service, you can pay a nominal fee of SGD 50 (approximately USD 40) per year for storage at our data centre. You can access your data at anytime, however, you would not be able to post or update any entries. Our data storage service renews on an annual basis, if we do not receive instructions for the renewal, we would take the cue that you have decided to terminate the data storage service and we will proceed to remove your data from our data centre.

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