Should businesses out-source their accounts ?

December 26, 2017

If this question is asked 20 years ago, the answer maybe a no, but not anymore for now.

With cloud accounting software more readily available, having a remote accountant is worth considering. 

You can negotiate for a fee based on transaction volume or based on number of bank statement pages as compared to a fixed salary with expectation of increment every year.

Job satisfaction will plateau off after working for a few years and you will have to rehire again when one resigns.

With cloud-based accounting solution, your accounts staff need not be housed in the same office. With internet connections and cloud storage, receiving electronic pdf invoices  or create a whatsApp group, you can connect with your accounting team, just as fast as he/she sits besides you.

Putting a technology layer to your business will make you one step ahead of your competitors, giving your stakeholders a different business experience.

How about considering out-sourcing your accounting team now?

First, you can control your costs ( no year end bonus, expected salary increment, cpf etc) and you also can have access to the information 24/7.

Contact us if you want to explore out-sourcing your accounting to our team of remote accountants.

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