We have various ways where our customers can contact us should they encounter issues in using our software. We have also included a library of training videos which our customers and potential customers can access at any time of the day to learn more about our software.

User experience is our utmost mission

Thank you for choosing Realtimme Cloud. We are always finding ways to serve you better. We know very well, timely support can have a positive effect on your ability to get things done. Once you have signed up with us, we have made it easy with the following support options, from self-help to remote support. Regardless of what technical issues you encountered with our software, help is just a click away, at no additional costs to you (included in annual subscription fee).

How do we support you? 

1. Forum Community signup
2. WhatsApp support +65 9138 7918
3. Online Helpfile (self help) 
4. Online training videos (self help)
5. Email to 
6. Remote access 

Click here for a brief tour (20 minutes) to learn how easy it is to use our software. For our prospective clients, this video would give you an idea at the level of ease in using our software.

Installation of Realtimme Cloud Solutions

How to download and install Realtimme Cloud Solutions?

Once we have confirmed your subscription with us, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Follow the link to download the setup files or download from our website at any time. Copy the setup file into a portable memory device for installation into other computers.

Watch the video on how to download and install Realtimme Cloud Solutions.

Download and install Realtimme Cloud Solutions

How to login for the first time?

Once your payment is successful, an email will be sent to you with a temporary login ID and password. Use this login ID and password to perform the first login to Realtimme Cloud Solutions and proceed to create your own unique login ID and password.

Watch the video on how to login for the first time.

Login for the first time

How to create my own unique login ID and password with full user and access rights?

The first login ID and password sent gives you the administrator rights. With this login ID, you will have full access to your Realtimme Cloud Solutions account. You can create other user IDs (if you have subscribed for more than one user) and set access rights for all your users, as well as set limits and restrictions (for controls and restriction to confidential information).

Watch the video on how to create my own unique login ID and password and set user and access rights.

Create login ID and password with access rights

How to create login ID and password for other users?

If you have more than one user accessing Realtimme Cloud Solutions, create a temporary login ID and password for each user first. Each of these users will then login using the created temporary login ID and password. All users are advised to change their passwords immediately upon login. 

Note: Do not assign supervisor rights to your users.

Watch the video on how to create login ID and password for other users.

Create login ID and password for other users

What should I do if my internet speed is slow?

To enhance the speed performance when accessing Realtimme Cloud Solutions, you could adjust the settings to your anti-virus programme not to perform any scanning when Realtimme Cloud Solutions is running. This should apply to all users’ computer installed with Realtimme Cloud Solutions.

Watch the video on how to adjust the setting of the common anti-virus programs.

Alternatively, you can perform a Speedtest on your computer to check your internet speed. For optimal performance, the recommended download speed is 10 Mbps and upload speed is 1 Mbps.

Adjust setting of common anti-virus program

Other training videos to setup Realtimme Cloud Solutions:

Add, edit, delete and print user access rights

Setup company financial period

Add or view currency code

Pre-set monthly exchange rate

Setup document reference number

Setup company details for printing for document with company letterhead

Setup customer account

Setup supplier account

Setup employee information

Setup payroll

Setup department or outlet

Add, modify and view fast code for bank

Add, modify and view fast code for sales

Add, modify and view fast code for purchase

View text fast code

Setup payment mode for Point-Of-Sale (POS)

Setup supplier group and tag to supplier account for report purposes

Undo GST settings if your company is not GST registered

Learn about functions and features in the inventory system

Setup stock listing in the inventory system

Technical support options

Help button in Realtimme Cloud Solutions

Our online help file which can be accessed from the Help function in Realtimme Cloud Solutions is updated regularly. You can access self-explanatory notes to each function and feature within the program with a mouse click. Related topic links allow our users to read further into related topics that can enhance the understanding of each function and feature.

How to use the Help button

Training videos

Learn the function and feature of Realtimme Cloud Solutions at your own pace. Click on the Help button to access the training videos and the self-explanatory notes.

We aim to empower our users to self-help when they encounter simple issues in using our software. Our users can search for answers instantly with easy to understand notes and videos for illustration with a click of a mouse button, without having to wait for our technical support team’s reply.

Email Support

If watching our training videos is still not able to resolve the problem you are encountering with our software, you can do a screenshot of the error message or the function or module you are having issues with. Type in your query and send an email, together with the screenshot as an attachment to our Technical Support team at

Typically, we would respond to your query within one working day. If we need more than one working day, we will update you again via email.

Whatsapp Support

We understand that some users might find it challenging to provide screenshots or explain their issues via email. Whether you are local (Singapore) or overseas users, you could use our Whatsapp Support chat. Take a picture of your Realtimme screen or video recordings (with your narration) of the issues you are encountering. Leave us a Whatsapp message at +65 9138 7918.

For first time users of our Whatsapp Support chat, please indicate your name and your company name for our records purpose. If you are managing a few companies under your Realtimme account, please also indicate the company which you are encountering an issue with.  You may address us as “To Support” as there is no fixed support staff to answer each Whatsapp message. You may send us your queries at any time of the day and we will reply you as soon as we can.

Remote Support

If our Technical Support team feels that the information provided is insufficient or easier to resolve your issues by taking a look at your computer, we may request for remote access to your computer screen to understand the problem better.

Supporting you remotely

We Care

We know we are not perfect but we are not taking that as an excuse. There might be a drop in our service level at times or our response or reply might meet your expectation. We value all feedback on our service level and want to hear from you and make the necessary improvement. Customer satisfaction is of tantamount importance to us. Send your feedback to us at

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