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Thank you for choosing Realtimme Cloud. We are always finding ways to make your work easier.

We know very well, timely support can have a positive effect on your ability to get things done quickly. We know also very well, we make support service excellence our priority because you will decide to continue to sign up with us every subsequent years ahead.

Once you have signed up with us, we have made it easy with the following support options, from self-help to remote support. Regardless of what technical issues you encountered with our software, help is just a click away, at no additional costs to you (included in annual subscription fee).

The value of the software is in the after-sales support. When you subscribe to Realtimme Cloud solution, you enjoy unmatched after sales support in 5 different ways

  1. Constantly updated self-help user guide with built in training videos and related topics
  2. WhatsApp @ +65 8376 2989 / email support @ Take a photo or video of your issue you faced and send it to us.
  3. Remote access to your computer to understand your issue if above fails
  4. Constant update of patches or features at no additional cost.
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  5. Regular Friday tips email to users of cool features.

    FAQ : Why there is no phone support?
    Simply put, phone support was used when online chat (whatsApp) is none existent, and may not the most efficient way to help you.
    Item 2 allows us to exchange links, share log files, and dive into your account history.
    Plus, we can provide this support without you sitting on hold while the files transfer.
    This also helps us keep our costs low, so we can pass along those savings to our users.

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