Every business is moving to the Cloud.

Have you?

For Corporate Service Providers or Remote Accountants

Information technology and cloud applications have revolutionised the way businesses operate today.
Your clients are demanding tools that help them run their business in the cloud and we give you a compelling  reason to support them in this space 

With Realtimme Solutions you can be ahead of your competitors by collaborating with your clients in the way that will give them direct access into their business information and save you and them time and to get more clients in the process.

One platform to manage all of your clients

You will be able to track and monitor all of your clients and assign the management of their accounts to a designated staff. Set KPI and track datelines, or to-do list, be it 5 or 200+ clients, there’s no limit to the number you can add.

We are inviting your organisation to be our top 10 preferred partners where you enjoy benefits and priority response from our team

Solution at
your fingertips

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