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Make the switch now... measure and manage your accounts, inventory and billings in a single platform

We start with you...we grow with you
Who are we

We are team of experienced accountants and software developers, putting our ideas together to come out with a tool for you, the business owners. We believe you deserve a better tool.

What we do

Our strength is accounting software in the cloud, with many other modules built around it to make it a comprehensive solution. we don't build everything under the sun, so we partner with other vendors (payroll, warehouse management system etc) that are expert in their industry to give you a total solution

We want to serve

Whether you are a startup, a veteran business owners, corporate service providers or a remote accountant, we sure have a solution to meet your growing business, at a cost effective price

What can we provide

A solution that let you manage and measure your business easily

We care for you

If you choose to exit from Realtimme Cloud, we make it easy for you to export all master files to excel nicely formatted in individual cell.

When can you have it

Same day, during office hour

How can you have it

Why Choose Us

We have more than 20 years of track records

Our solution lets you scale up or scale down easily

We want you to stay focus on your business and less on non-core business

Most importantly, we make it affordable for you

So affordable that you do not need government grant to support your business growth

Solution at
your fingertips

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