1. Realtimme Cloud Solutions, Version is one of the software listed in IRAS Accounting software Register(ASR)  from July 2018 to Dec 2019
  2.  +65 9138 7918 for any sales or support enquiry
  3. Rest API supports 3rd party apps to Realtimme Accounting modules
  4. Transmitting GST return and listing directly to IRAS using Realtimme Cloud
  • You may be having a small business now, but you must think big and aspire to grow your business big.
  • Ask around and you will hear the migration pain if you need to change system
  • Subscribe to our service and we will grow with you, from 1 user to 50 users.
  • Ask the solution provider , if your transactions have 2 million records within one year, can their software handle the data size? by then changing system will be a pain.
  • Avoid solutions that is intended for small businesses.
  • Cloud computing is something new to a lot of business owners.
  • Your IT consultant will tell you cloud is not safe, because if you embrace cloud,they will be out of business
  • You do not want to hear "Boss, our last backup was 2 months ago."
  • Cloud computing is here to stay and before everyone is on the cloud, be the early adopters that sets you apart from your competitors
  • No more blank cheques to your IT vendor to replace server, replace harddisk, backups
  • You want everyone in your company to work on the same information once it is updated into the system
  • Everyone can be everywhere, connected by internet and not deskbound
  • Your salesperson can send quotation or sales confirmation from their laptop working from any café or coffee joints
  • Your out-sourced accounting staff can access and tie up your accounts from their office, no more double work of re-enter sales or purchases entries again
  • Let your supplier access their product sales figure for them to plan your purchases on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, you decide
  • Your investors can see your business activities and with greater transparency and trusts
  • You want to have a better work-life balances both for yourself and your staff
  • Before we moved to cloud, we have 3 servers, running different functions We paid maintenace fee to keep our servers running that runs to thousands of dollars per year, constantly replace the server every 3 years
  • We now save thousands of dollars per month without the server
  • Your backend logistics get the real-time info from the salesperson
  • Your accounts is up-to-date, your customer aging is accurate because your accountant can work on your accounts immediately.
  • We are cloud evangelist , we can share with you how we move our administration and documentation to the cloud.
  • Whether you are a one user or 100 users, all modules are available to everyone
  • New modules , functions and features are constantly added, available to everyone
  • We save the training cost for you, our competitor is going to hate us for this
  • No more hidden cost, no more surprises or blank cheques
  • Our pricing is such that you don't have to think twice. Our competitor is going to hate us again
  • We believe in giving our customers a good deal, at the same time we continue to strive. You can tell you are getting a good deal when you see one
  • Even so you think you had made a mistake, your damage is limited to one year subscription fee. You cannot say this for other traditional purchase and own software

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