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July 22, 2018

Credit : The Straits Times

20th July 2018 – Personal info of 1.5m SingHealth patients, including PM Lee, stolen in Singapore’s worst cyber attack

How then can your stakeholders (individual devotees, suppliers) and stock information be protected?
When you have more staff joining your company, you will need to allow them to have access to all these information.  We had discussed this topic in the earlier blog as “Who owns the accounting data

Having a software that allow you segregate the information will help to reduce the risk of exposing more information than is required to each user.

Within the operators of the system, you may have junior staff that you want them to do the accounts receivables or accounts payables or inventory system only.

If you are still using your legacy software or desktop version. You cannot prevent your information be copied out of your premise if you cannot block your users from exporting the information to an external device. Never give user a chance to extract the data out of the premise.

At Realtimme Cloud , you can block your user from printing or exporting out the any masterfiles or reports into pdf or excel.

Our daily mid-night backup will free your user of this responsibility and therefore have zero contact with the physical data.

Your user will be prompted for a one-time password  or a 2 factor authentication will ensure that no intruders access your system

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