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GST Form-5 and F-8 Submission

                                                                          (Under Construction) 
Transmitting GST Return and Listings directly to IRAS using Realtimme Cloud Accounting Software.

As part of IRAS’ continuous effort to simplify taxpayers’ tax filing process, taxpayers can now submit their GST returns and/or transaction listings directly from their accounting software to IRAS via Application Programming Interface (“API”).

This eliminates the need for users to log into myTax Portal to input their tax figures manually, in turn reducing transposition errors and improving the accuracy of the returns submitted to IRAS.
Source : IRAS


GST imports of low value goods
With effect from 1 Jan 2023, Minister for Finance announced in Budget 2021 that GST will be extended to:

  1. Goods imported via air or post that are valued up to (and including) the current GST import relief threshold of S$400; and
  2. Business-to-consumer(“B2C”) imported non-digital services.
    Source : IRAS




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