Expanding your business without increasing your headcount

August 17, 2020

Hi all business owners,

Are you expanding your business by going for more sales? Can your existing resources cope with the increase?

Two things you can do

  1. Use the right tool, ie change your accounting system to Realtimme Cloud software
  2. Out-sourcing your accounts deparment to our remote accountants with our subsidiary company, Realtimme Plus Pte Ltd  (UEN: 201132092K)
    Or all the above

In this trying times, businesses are trying to keep their overheads steady but always on a lookout for new opportunities  (new cheese) in case of lost in sales (cheese turns bad)  and to remain sustainable. (Source : Who moved my cheese) 

With the latest technology, we go paperless with your vendors, you will have access to the work that is done and a consolidated report will be sent to you every month together with our invoice. We have a team of experienced remote accountants that are ready to serve you, with no restriction to office hours only.

But before anything, work out your numbers to know the real cost ( office space, electricity, allowances , salary, cpf etc) how much it cost you to maintain your project’s accounting service.
Using the number of invoices or number of bank statement pages, as a basis (total cost to maintain a staff divided by the total number of invoices each staff is handling) is a good gauge of your running cost. Remember, you cannot manage if you never measure.

If we can half it, and we will try to half it, it is worth exploring.

No, we are not trying to take away someone’s lunch, cause that someone also has a family to feed too.

But we always believe, that business owners like you deserves another choice of how you want to run your business, a fully auto, a fully manual or a hybrid of in-house or part out-source. And what if there is an exodus of staffs where one of them came out to do start their own business and be your competitor?  Do you have a team to stand by? These are the challenges that we business owners have to face, both outside and inside forces.

We can start off small with a micro project and as you are more comfortable, give us more projects.

Send an email to our team lead, Mr.Michael Wong (CA, Singapore) to get more information


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