Get all the functions and features of Realtimme Cloud Solutions with our annual based subscription plans. Charges are based on per user.

Our subscription plans at a glance

Regardless of your business size, whether it is your turnover or your staff strength (single owner or 50 staff), we will have a subscription plan to suit your business needs or budget.

Realtimme subscribers only need to pay an annual subscription fee and get all the features, functions and modules they have subscribed to as listed in our subscription plans table. No hidden costs under the carpet or in the closet!


  1. All prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD). For overseas enquiries, please email or whatsApp to +65 8148 8824
  2. Price quoted are based on per year, collected in advance. No pro-rata nor refund for mid-way termination. Please see Terms of Use.
  3.  An official invoice will be sent to you upon receiving your payment. Please indicate your company name, address, UEN number, contact person,         name and email address of 2  business owners when sending proof of successful transfer.
  4. Indicate your reporting currency if it is other than SGD (example USD, EUR, MYR, VND)
  5. Email to us your company logo (below 100 KB) jpg or png file for your format design.

Payment Methods:

Cheque Payment

Cheque should be payable to:

REALTIMME IT Consultancy Pte Ltd

Please drop the cheque to OCBC Bank with the following account number written on the back of the cheque:

Bank Account No: 641-156682-001

Please photograph the front and back of the cheque and send to 

WhatsApp  /  Line Chat  @

+65 8148 8824

Interbank Transfer

Banker: OCBC Bank

OCBC Bank Account No.: 641-156682-001

Swift Code: OCBCSGSG

Bank Code: 7339

Upon successful transfer, please send a screenshot of the transaction to our

WhatsApp  /  Line Chat  @ 

+65 8148 8824


Business PayNow Number: 201132092K

Please send a notification of the successful transfer by attaching the screenshot of the transfer to our

WhatsApp  /  Line Chat  @

+65 8148 8824.

Not sure which plan you should choose?

Answer the following questions and we will tell you the best fit.

Q1. Are you in the services industry?

Q2. If you are in the non-services industry, is your business in the trading sector or retail sector? If yes, do you need to manage a warehouse or retail outlet?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What if I do not need the Inventory Control System currently but I might need it in future?

A: We can recommend an upgrade of your Basic plan to the Premium plan by paying the incremental difference.

Q: We want to retain our COA, we have thousands of customers, suppliers and stock information and b/f balances to move over. How easy to move to Realtimme Cloud?

A: We have migration tools and training videos to let you self service the migration process. Easy does it.

Q: We are a corporate service provider, which plan should I choose?

A: We would recommend you choose the Basic Plan, c/w AR, AP and GL , at an affordable price of SGD250 per entity per year. Offer until Dec 2021.

Q: We provide accounting services but our clients want to maintain stocks and perform invoicing direct to their customers. ?

A: Premium plan with add-on of up to 9 users, having functions to maintain stock and perform invoicing, you doing the accounts at your end. Please consult.

Q: If I subscribe to the Premium or the Professional Plan but I need to have a second concurrent user login, what should I do?

A: For Premium Plan subscriber, you would need to pay an additional $300.00 for every subsequent concurrent user login account. As for the Professional Plan subscriber, your plan entitles you to 12 concurrent login accounts with no additional charge.

Q: How easy it is if we want to move on to another software?

A: Many vendors tried to avoid this question, but we are confident that you will stay.
Neverthless, you can export your masters files and trial balances, aging etc to excel spreadsheets and let your next vendor to migrate over, easily.

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