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We have been using Realtimme cloud for more than a year now. It is not a system that is cast in stone. We are able to get a quote to customise some unique work flow in our organisation and so far we are happy with the deliverables.
– Desmond Goh, director of People Bee Hoon factory Pte Ltd

I have businesses both in Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia dealing in organic food. I am able to monitor the business activities from here or any where, and check the availability of the stocks or profit myself, rather than dependent on the staff there.
– Ian Palmer, business owner of IPPL Pte Ltd

I am a director to a few companies. With Realtimme Cloud, I need not be at each offices all the time. If my attention is required, With my notebook, I just login from where I am, and all information is live and real-time. A great collaborative tool
Ms Anita Tay, Director of Collective Design and Realtimme Evangelist

Our company provides children enrichment courses and day care services, having 4 learning centres at different locations. Realtimme cloud is able to meet our needs to do monthly recurring billings, tracking receviables, student registrations and Point-of-sales transactions for some consumables related to the courses, tracking all operational activities from the HQ
– Willy Goh, General manager of QSF The enablers Pte Ltd

We are a management consultant firm providing book-keeping and secretarial services. Previously when clients outgrow our services, they will employ their own accounting staff and we have to let our clients go. Now with Realtimme Cloud, we can grow with our clients and do up the back-end payables and GL accounting records,prepare payroll etc, while they generate invoices and maintain the receivables.
– Susan Ling, , Chartered Accountant and business owner of Timeplus Business Concept Pte Ltd

Realtimme Cloud gives me the flexibility to do my work in the office or from home. There are times that I need to attend to some family matters and I can stagger the work to be done from home and still meet the reporting deadlines.
– Yuly Guitana , Accountant of Mega Fortris Ctrack Solutions (S) Pte Ltd

We started using Realtimme system since 1997, their desktop version, and continue to upgrade to the current Realtimme Cloud. We save ourselves the pain of changing system because business outgrow the software. This is the company that is always one step ahead of their clients to provide the latest solutions.
Jason Tai, Director of Tyson Marketing Pte Ltd

We started with one retail outlet in 2011 and now have expanded to 10 outlets. It is easy to manage the POS module in the Realtimme Cloud, from setting up to the operation activities. We get Real-time information from the HQ of all stocks movements, and micro-manage all outlets from the HQ. The seamless integration to the accounting system is a big plus to our productivity, we do not need to maintain two systems that is not unheard of in many organisations.
Catherine Gasper, General manager of Orange Communication,

We are a new start-up that would like to conserve as much financial resources as possible. For a annual subscription fee of SGD400, it is something that is affordable and need not think twice about it, considering the full suites of features and functions available, that would have cost us easily three to four thousands of dollars for a start.
– Asanas , business owners of Yara IT (Sri Lanka)