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We know very well, timely support can have a positive effect on your ability to get things done.
Once you sign up, we have make it easy with the following support options, from self help to remote support , regardless of where you are, help is a click of a button away, at no additional cost to you (included in the annual subscription fees).

Click here for a brief tour (20 min) , if you want to take a look as to how easy to use our system or still considering which solution to go for.

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Once we had confirmed your subscription, a confirmation will be sent to you via email, together with a link to download the setup files, or download from our website anytime 24/7. Copy the setup file into a portable disk so that you can carry around to install into several computers, read further…

Watch video :Where to download Realtimme installation files (5.39 min)

Once your payment is successful, an email will be sent to you with a temporary login id and password. Use this user id and password to login and create your own id and password.

Watch video : First time login using default id and password to Realtimme after installation (1.05 min)

(I am the administrator) This id will be given the full access that empowers you to create rights and accesses for your users, set limits and restrictions checking for controls and confidential information.

Watch video : Create your own id and password as a supervisor (8.43 min)

If you have more than one users accessing the system, create a temporary user id and password for each user. Each user will log in with this temporary id and password and get them to change their password immediately. Remember not to assign supervisor rights to your user.

Watch video : How to add a new user login with id and password (5.23 min)

To enhance the speed performance of your accessing of Realtimme, you need to do some setting to your anti-virus program not to scan Realtimme when you are running the program. ( Apply to all user’s computer). The link below are some common anti virus program. Select the relevant ones to learn how to set your anti-virus program.

Watch video :How to set exclusion from scanning RealtimmeSQL folder

Watch video : Do a speedtest, recommended download speed is 10Mbps and upload speed is 1Mbps

Getting Started…a step by step guide to quick start your system

  1. Learn how to set user access rights (12.37 min) to add, edit, delete ,print
  2. Set your company financial period (3.49 min)
  3. View or add in currency code (2.45 min) and pre-set monthly exchange rate (5.59 min)
    (ignore this if you are not using multi-currency)
  4. Set your document reference number (10.45 min)
  5. Set up your company name, address ( 1.10 min), for printing on your document letterhead
  6. Set up customer account (3.28 min) id, name, address, telephone, email contact person, etc
  7. Setup supplier account (3.32 min) id, name, address, telephone, email, contact person, etc
  8. Set Employee master (4.15 min) for payroll purpose
  9. Setup Department / Outlet ( ignore this if you do not have multiple profit centers or cost centres)
  10. View, modify or add more fast code for bank (3.44 min), sales (3.43min), purchase (3.36min)
    View Tax fast code (2.48 min, already pre-set, do not change)
  11. Payment mode (3.31 min) (For POS retail users only)
  12. Setup Customer Group, Supplier Group, Area Group , Employee group(advisable to set up)
  13. If my company is not GST registered (2.23min)
  14. Preparing your inventory system (16 min), if you keep an inventory system. Stock setup(6 min)

Online helpfile is updated regularly, your users will have access to instant explanatory notes to each function or feature within the program. Related topic links allow our users to read further of inter-related topics that may enhance better understanding of each functions and features.
Watch video: How to use the Help Button

Training videos
Let your users learn at their own pace or click on the helpfile when they are stuck at any module. Click on the [Help] button and there will be both notes and video links.

Training video maintain a consistent answer and standard to user’s questions and also free up precious support time and demand on our support team.

If your user has just joined the company and want to learn more, go ahead to learn and no more training fees or precious hours or days in the training classes.

If you are the business owner, we save costs for you. Most users are able to learn from the training videos, whereas other software vendors are still charging high fees for training or re-training.

We always believe to give our clients the best deal and please share it with your friends as well.

Or if you are still deciding to subscribe to our services, click here and what you see is what you get. Be overwhelmed by our large stocks of training videos (and still adding) and you will be sure that our training videos will cover most, if not all aspects of users’ questions and queries 24/7 and anywhere.

Your users need not wait for our support team’s reply but do-it-yourself to the answers.

Email to support@realtimme.net 
If the above still do not solve your problem, you can do a screenshot and type in some text or send our support team a pdf format of the report, as an attachment, that will be great. If we need more than one working day, we will reply and we will come back to you soon.

WhatsApp Support starting 1st Feb 2018
We are always finding ways to serve you better.
We understand some users are having challenge to provide screenshots or explanation using email.
Whether you are local or overseas users (this number is growing) , to serve you better, we are launching our support via Whatsapp.
You can take a picture of the Realtimme screen or video recordings (with your narration) of the issues you face. Leave a text message as well. Send it to +65 9138 7918
For the first time, please indicate your name, your company name. We wil capture this information in our contact list.
If you have a few companies under your charge, please indicate the company that you are reporting the issue.
You may address us as “To support” as there are no fix support staff to answer each call.
You may send us your queries 24/7. however, we will reply to you soonest possible.
Do send us your screenshot to register your contact with us after reading this announcement.

Remote support
If our support team feels that the information provided above is insufficient or easier to view your user’s screen, we may request for a remote access to your user’s computer screen, to see the issues at hand.

We Care
We know that we are not perfect, but that should not be an excuse. There may be a drop in service level at times or our response or reply may be below your expectation.

You want us to improve, that is why you provide feedback or put up a complaint to us, and we value that. We understand your frustrations at times, but trust us that we will get your issues resolved.

We want to hear from you and make the necessary adjustments to improve our service level. Users’ experience and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We want to add more delighted customers to our lists.

Email to wecare@realtimme.net and we will follow up with your feedback and complaint shortly.