If You Are One of Them…

  1. Member of ISCA or MIA
  2. Book – keeper, accountant or management consultant
  3. Existing users of Realtimme Cloud
  4. Students taking accountancy courses in Polytechnics or University

Be a Realtimme Cloud Influencer because..

  1. You want to share great stuff.
  2. You see someone facing the pain and problems you had went through
  3. You want to share a product that have lots of awesome features.
  4. The product is complete, surrounded with everything you need.
  5. It is empowering, because it makes you better.
  6. It is elegant, the product is well designed and easy to use.
  7. It promises more features that is on the way.

We Want You If…

  1. You have been a user yourself for more than a year.
  2. You can tell us how you benefitted from our solutions .
  3. Which part of the features or functions you like best that you cannot find in other software.
  4. Tell us who you had evangelised with.

In Return… We Want to Thank You

  1. You will get a life-long user subscription for free. Use it every employment you go
  2. You get special discount from the rest.
  3. You get a free T-shirt with Realtimme Cloud logo or any gift set upon availability every year

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