What are the features and functions of Realtimme Cloud Solutions? What are the benefits of Cloud Computing? Read on to find out more.

An introduction

Developed using C# (C Sharp) and running on Microsoft SQL database, Realtimme Cloud Solutions is a robust, scalable accounting solution for companies with a headcount of 1 to 100 concurrent users. When other vendors tell you what they have, half the time you would trust what they said. You set aside a demo session that lasts almost 3 hours with your colleagues, however, to find out that it is not suitable at the end of the session.

At Realtimme Cloud Solutions, we do things differently. We would tell and show you what we have. Take a look at our product videos  or online help file , to learn more about our accounting solution. If suitable, arrange with us a demo session. Click on the link above to see how our accounting solution in action. Nothing beats seeing the features and functions in action, for a picture speaks a thousand words, what more about a video.

Get started with Realtimme Cloud Solutions and enjoy the benefits of its robustness.


3 million transactions records without  compromise on report performance


Digitized invoice uploaded for archive purpose. No more paper copy for 5 years. 


Plan your 12 months budget of your revenue and expenses  .

Features, functions and modules

When you are sourcing and evaluating accounting solutions, be sure to ask for these must-have features, functions and modules.

Accounts Payables / Receivables

General Ledgers

Purchase / Sales Order Processing

Inventory Control

Fixed Assets Register


Point-Of-Sales (for Retail)

Project / Job Costing

Calendar (for Tasks and Reminders)

Seamless filing to IRAS / ACRA 

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) compliance

Realtimme Cloud Solutions is designed to help our customers comply with their tax obligations. As such, we have developed our accounting software to meet the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) technical requirements. Realtimme Cloud Solutions version is one of the listed accounting software in IRAS Accounting Software Register for the period of July 2018 to December 2019.

Apart from that, the latest version of Realtimme Cloud Solutions supports GST returns and transaction listing directly to IRAS via our Application Programming Interface (API). Realtimme Cloud Solutions users are no longer required to fill in the GST returns manually via the IRAS myTax Portal. This new feature simplifies the tax filing processes for our customers and reduces the risk of errors and omissions

Coming up next year April 2020, include capability to do seamless filing of Corporate Tax form C-S to IRAS and Annual Returns and XBRL filing to ACRA, at no additional cost to subscribers. 

Types of industries using our solutions

Realtimme Cloud Solutions is deployed in various industries. Below is a list of them and we are still adding to the list.

  • Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) accounting for property managing agent (M.A.)
  • Retail Business 
  • Childcare / Daycare business
  • Lighting and sanitaryware business
  • Gift, florist and hampers business
  • Pharmaceutical / Food businesses
  • Construction / Interior Design
  • Groceries or minimart
  • Food & Beverages, cafe, fine dining
  • E-commerce online sales: We work with web-designers to connect the client’s online e-commerce sales to Realtimme Cloud sales order system

What is Cloud Computing and its benefits?

Cloud Computing is the new exciting IT development in the business environment. Riding on broadband fibre optics network (with greater data transfer speed) and with more new data centres coming up, virtualization technology (a better IT resources management tool), which was once a big boy’s tools has now become more affordable. Realtimme Cloud Solutions brings such efficient yet cost-effective solutions to our users through our solutions. Cloud computing is about:

  • Cutting down unutilized resources.
  • Reducing the costs of maintaining or upgrading an oversized server
  • Reducing the costs of powering up your servers
  • Saving office space for a server room or server rack in your office
  • Leaving it to the trusted professionals like us to manage them.

Cloud computing is about collaborating and sharing your information with your stakeholders, yet it is not restricted to your office, offering mobility and accessibility anytime and anywhere.

While all solutions come with benefits and risks, the benefits of Cloud Computing far outweigh the risks. Potential risks can be managed in a cloud computing environment by users and service providers. With the convenience of cloud computing, it makes a very compelling reason adopt the technology, leaving your competitors who are still using legacy technology behind. We believe that by not taking a step forward, you are already a step backwards.

What is Realtimme SAAS (Software as a Service)?

Realtimme software as a service (SAAS) is a model of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software deployment in a private cloud environment. Unlike on public cloud environment such as Google document, Google Mail, Windows live, our solution is hosted as a service where we host and maintain your data (includes backup, updates, scaling up and down of your usage) in our data centre, privately. There is no longer a need to invest in the purchase of accounting software when you use our solution. 

Advantages and facts of Realtimme SAAS


Save on upfront hardware (server) and software costs (software licenses).


Eliminate the need for hardware upgrade and maintenance costs.


Flexible to scale up or down your user plan as you renew your annual subscription.


With internet access, log in anytime and anywhere, 24/7/365 days.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Realtimme SAAS

Q: My data is not safe if it is residing outside my company.

A: The security of your data is not determined by where it is located as most companies do not practise disciplined backup procedures of their company data. Even if the data is backup to an external hard disk, your data is not safe either from hardware failure. Moreover, backup files are often not properly archived or labelled. There are even reports of data abuse from internal staff. You can free up time and resources of non-IT trained staff from the backup routine if you use our solutions.

Q: We cannot control who will be accessing our data.

A: Realtimme Cloud Solutions has built-in a user login module to track users’ login and logout date and time, as well as, the frequency of access. You can also control your users’ accessibility by setting up the working hours access in the system. Also, user audit trail can be printed if you suspect any abuse or unauthorised intrusion. The system is able to track the time, modules, additions, amendments or deletions made without authorisation. You can request for the user audit trail for a fee. To protect your data from unauthorised access and abuse, only our senior staff can access to your data for maintenance purpose only.

Q: It is not secured.

A: Installation and configuration of individual user’s computer are still required to access the data on Realtimme Cloud. Access to the data centre is via the Virtual Private Network (VPN) since Realtimme Cloud Solutions is not a web-based application whereby the user ID and password could be easily compromised. Users are prompted with password change at regular intervals to ensure there is no compromise to security. Realtimme Cloud Solutions is constantly reviewing our security infrastructure to reduce any risks of security breaches.

Q: It will be more expensive in the long run.

A: Our pricing model ensures that it will still be cheaper for you to adopt our Realtime Software as a Service (SAAS) plan. For the first three users, your capital outlay is less than SGD 1,000 (approximately USD 750) as the annual subscription fee (includes technical support), versus an upfront payment of more than SGD 5,000 (approximately USD 3,700) software, which does not include subsequent annual technical support charges. Our technical support charges are included in the signup, as such, there is no need for you to pay an additional fee.

Q: We will be locked in (or locked out) to the service.

A: You need not to worry about being locked into the service with a long contractual period. At Realtimme Cloud Solutions, we understand how dynamic the business world is. As such, we have short contractual period of 6 months where you can withdraw from our service should you not require it anymore. Export your ledger books, financial statements, customer ageing, supplier ageing, stock card details and valuations into spreadsheets anytime before you terminate our service. Since we collect subscription fees upfront, there is no reason for us to lock you out of the system.

Q: How can you assure us that our data would not be abused?

A: We do not allow access to customer’s data to any levels of our staff. During maintenance and technical support, only our most trusted senior staff would be deployed. Client’s data confidentiality is the most fundamental trust that we hold dearly. If you could trust your newly recruited accounting staff with all your accounting information, you should have trust in Realtimme Cloud Solutions which has a credible track record in this business for the past 17 years supporting our 1,000 over customers. Even though we cannot give you a full 100% guarantee and assurance, rest assured that we would take all necessary care and safeguards to ensure that your data with us would not be abused.

Q: What would happen to our data if the data centre or Realtimme Cloud Solutions cease operations, for whatever reasons?

A: We manage such risks to reduce any damage that might arise. We auto backup all our customers’ data every day, at a prior approved timing with our customers. The backup includes an offsite data transfer on every alternate day. Rest assured that we have more than one physical data centres serving our customers and we are always ready to “evacuate” your servers within one business day in the most critical circumstances.

To ensure that our staff are always equipped and ready to perform emergencies, we conduct “shut down” and “data evacuation” drills on a quarterly basis with all our IT support staff to refresh and familarise them with the processes and procedures.

We also provide value-added service to transfer backup files to your designated computer at our customers’ office for safekeeping. However, it is also our customers’ due diligence to export their year-to-date general ledgers, customers and suppliers subsidiary ledgers or inventory reports and transfer the latest brought forward figures regularly to another computer. Just as natural disasters can strike anytime at anywhere, we encourage our customers to keep their updated ledger reports at their systems so that they are not inconvenienced should any unforeseen circumstances arise.

Q: Who do we report to should there be performance or data integrity issues with the system?

A: Our Technical Support team is responsible for assisting our customers with any issues with regard to the performance and data integrity of our system.

Q: Who owns the data?

A: Data ownership remains with our customers and they can export their data into Excel or Portable Document format (PDF) anytime.

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