Developed using C++ and running on Ms-SQL database, Realtimme Cloud system is a robust package, scalable for companies from 1 to 100 concurrent users. When other vendors tell you what they have, half the time you trust that what they have is what you want. You set aside a demo session that lasts almost 3 hours with your colleagues and later to find that it is not suitable. We tell and show you what we have. Take a look at our videos first and if suitable, arrange a demo session, so that we save everyone's time. Click on the link to see how we do it. Nothing beats seeing the features and functions in action, for a picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a million.
  • Get started with Realtimme Cloud, a robust platform and grow your business on it
  • No more data corruption issues (see other vendors' site) , no more bad index files, rollback features will protect the data integrity
  • Every user will be automatically updated when login to Realtimme Cloud, with the latest release of patches, updates and upgrades. All our users will be in the same platform
  • Don't let other software vendors sell their desktop small solutions to you because they think your business is small? Don't be confused by their complex versions and pricing.
  • When you choose Realtimme Cloud, you get all these features,functions and modules listed below in one single sign up no hidden costs
Features and functions ***: Must have features or functions that you must ask our competitors if you are comparing around for a solution.
The world is your market, you need to get ready to bill in foreign currency, never mind if your business is small.
  1. chart of accounts, Customer, and supplier can be set to foreign currency against your functional currency
  2. Cross Rate (or triangular translation) involve 3 parties' currencies in receipt or payment ***
  3. Auto calculate actual gain and loss when receive or make payment in AR or AP
  4. Revalue customers, suppliers and general ledgers using month end exchange rate, unrealised exchange gain/loss updated to sub-ledgers. Watch full video(24min)
  5. Print aging or sub-ledger in functional and/or foreign currency
  1. Pre-set tax code for both input and output tax, MYR tax code
  2. IAF ready (in compliance with IRAS), GAF ready (in compliance with JKDM)
  3. Easy setup new registration or deregistration
  4. Easy change of tax rate by user
  5. Print Form 5 and detailed GST report to pdf or excel for safe-keeping and archive purpose
  6. Lock date (general ledger) to prevent unauthorised amendments after each closing
  7. Report your GST in SGD even if your functional currency is in other currency
  1. If you sell high value items like camera, laptops, luxury watches etc
  2. Track your individual stock for incoming and outgoing
  3. Track returned stock that must be first bought from your company
  4. Track goods for warranty coverage
  1. Pharmaceutical or food processing businesses
  2. Track the production lot and warranty period
  3. Recall product by tracing the goods delivered to which customers
If you are buying bulk and selling loose, you will need this feature. Advantage is that you do not need to keep too many stock code of the same thing just because you buy in carton and sell in piece.
  1. Buy in cartons and sell in piece(s) using one single stock code
  2. Supports up to 4 unit of measures in a single stock keeping unit(SKU)
  3. Carton -> box -> pack -> piece
Your business maybe small, but your customers are not. They will have many outlets addresses or many purchasers(contact persons) that order from you. Small business software will not have this feature because they think you deal only with small customers as well.
  1. Indicate bill to... and delivery to address in your customers' sales order, delivery order or customer invoice
  2. Click dropdown box to choose the contact person in the company
  3. Click dropdown box to choose customer's department
  1. Same product but supplied by different supplier with each of their own bar coding number
  2. Maintain one stock code but tag to many bar codes
  3. Scan carton UPC code that is different from single unit UPC code to speed up stock take
  1. Stock transfer module(warehouse to warehouse)
  2. Virtual warehouse to track consignment goods
  3. Monitor your stocks kept in third party warehouse
  4. Use warehouse to manage new retail outlets sales and purchases or transfer
  5. Print stock report by warehouse
  6. Print stock aging by warehouse
  7. Print gross profit by stock, by outlets
  8. Print Profit and Loss by outlet with operating expense (see accounts module)
  1. System regenerate all stocks unit cost again during mid-night recalculate cost and balances
  2. Costs that are recorded or backdated will affect average cost on per day basis
  3. Goods that are issued first before receiving goods will upset the average cost
  4. Inter-outlet transfer with wrong costing affect profit analysis and closing stock valuation
If you are in Gift or hampers business, or self assemble parts to sell the finished goods. If you are in restaurant business, to control your ingredients and foodstuff usage
  1. Pre-packed orders (or recipe) with standard materials used
  2. Template to indicate materials and quantity to produce one basic unit of finished goods
  3. Journal in finished goods and system will auto reduce the raw materials based on template setting of raw material used
This feature is important if you are importing goods and you incur freight costs. You want to spread the freight cost into the cost of each item in order to know the real profit.
  1. Import goods from overseas with freight cost
  2. Pro-rate the freight cost to one or more suppliers' invoice
  3. Use the option of unit cost, total cost or weight or volume to pro-rate cost to each stock
  4. Analyse your profit with or without freight cost
  5. Print Stock closing value with or without freight cost
  1. View last 5 transacted records for user to verify cost /price and quantity
  2. Customer may buy from other supplier but return to you
  3. Customer may bought lesser quantity but returned more than purchased
  4. Customer may bought at a lower price, but returned with higher price
  5. User defined returned cost
  1. Rollback user-defined customer aging and supplier aging date
  2. Rollback user-defined stock closing value report and stock aging report
  3. Our competitor provide a convoluted steps that require their users to backup on the very date of the required report date, forgetting that a lot of figures are not finalized yet
  1. Set access rights to different user group and set printing rights to block sensitive reports
  2. Daily auto-backup in data centre
  3. Restrict user login time
  4. Warn user of suspected unauthorised login from an unknown computer
  5. Track login date and time of each user
  6. Password breach or sharing of password warning
  7. All postings stamped with last user id
  8. Individual user can change their password anytime if suspected of breach
  9. Level control to control user to view specific field or authorisation
  And our can now attach pdf document, Realtimme Calendar to add task..and many more. Look up for new updates here   Modules ***: Must have features or functions that you must ask our competitors if you are comparing around for a solution.
  1. Create customer accounts in local or foreign currency
  2. Sales invoice for service or trading
  3. Receive full payment, partial, advance , foreign currency
  4. Credit note or Debit Note voucher or cents adjustments in year end
  5. Offset Credit note against invoice during receipt entry
  6. Unrealised exchange gain and loss posting in customer ledger***
  7. Auto calculate actual gain/loss in customer ledger
  8. Print customer aging in foreign and /or base currency
  9. User defined aging date (beware, some software cannot roll back aging date)***
  10. Print statement of accounts to customer
  11. User can hide (Inactive) customer accounts once no more business transactions
  1. Create supplier accounts in local or foreign currency
  2. Supplier invoice for service or purchase of stocks
  3. Make full payment, partial, advance ,
  4. Payment with bank charges all in one entry
  5. Print payment voucher
  6. Credit note or Debit Note voucher or adjustment entries during year end
  7. Offset Credit note against invoice immediately during payment entry
  8. Revalue supplier ledger in foreign currency to unrealised exchange gain and loss accounts
  9. Auto calculate actual gain/loss in suppliers' ledger
  10. Print supplier aging in foreign and /or base currency
  11. User defined aging date (beware, some software cannot roll back aging date)
  12. Print Payment advice to supplier
  13. User can hide (Inactive) supplier accounts once no more business transactions
  1. Chart of accounts already preset for use, reduce implementation time
  2. Modify existing accounts name or code to suit your company reporting needs
  3. Create new accounts in local or foreign currency from time to time yourself
  4. Supports three tier reporting; detail, summary and group reporting
  5. Set your accounts name in multi language and print your financial report in selected language
  6. Post month end journal entries for accruals, reversals, reclassification
  7. Recur your repeating monthly journal entries at a click of a button
  8. Revalue your foreign currency GL account for non-capital accounts (banks)
  9. Print general ledger in both local and foreign currency
  10. Print Profit and Loss with monthly comparison
  11. Print Balance Sheet with monthly comparison
  12. Supports multiple departments (profit centres, retail outlets)
  13. User can hide(inactive) accounts once account is closed no more in use
  14. Monthly Bank reconciliation
  15. Lock date to prevent entries posted to reported accounting balances
  1. Supports multiple warehouse ***
  2. Support up to 200,000 stock items(SKU)
  3. Attach picture in SKU
  4. Nett weight / Gross weight to print packing list or freight cost use
  5. Length/Width/Height to calculate volume or storage space in packing list
  6. Minimum order quantity setting(MOQ)
  7. Supports multiple unit of measure (pc, box, carton) in one single stock
  8. Maintain reorder quantity, minimum and maximum quantity
  9. Transfer stocks from warehouse to warehouse with quantity control
  10. Print transfer notes
  11. Auto-calculate or manual recalculate stock average cost every night ***
  12. Print stock closing value by FIFO or weighted average
  13. Back-date your stock aging report without the need to keep a backup (For point 12 and 13, some software do not allow you to print backwards your stock as at a certain date)***
  14. Lock the inventory module to prevent users posting to closed inventory period and disrupted your reportings***
  1. Issue a Quotation (QO) to your customer
  2. Print Quotation with thumb-size product pictures
  3. Link QO to Sales order (SO) upon confirm or void them if rejected
  4. Issue a Sales order upon receiving customer PO
  5. Link Sales order to delivery order or to invoice, back-order or void SO quantity.
  6. Issue Delivery order or consignment invoice to customer
  7. Link one or multiple delivery orders to one invoice
  8. Issue Invoice to customer upon receiving customer order
  9. Issue a service invoice or sales of stocks with service
  10. Issue a Credit Note for returned goods inwards or sales rebate/discount
  1. Issue a Purchase order (PO) to your supplier
  2. If supplier is unable to fulfill orders or reduce your order quantity, void your PO quantity
  3. Preset supplier's part number to your stock code
  4. Link PO to Goods received (GR)module (Supplier DO) or supplier invoice module
  5. Link multiple PO to one supplier invoice via supplier DO(s) link to one supplier invoice
  6. Link one or multiple GR notes(Supplier DO) to one supplier invoice module
  7. Receive supplier goods under consignment
  8. Returned goods to supplier or rebates (discounts) from supplier
  1. Create employee accounts in local or foreign currency
  2. Accrue monthly salary entries with various funds deductions
  3. Payroll payment in separate posting tab to protect privacy
  4. Confidential payroll transactions hidden from junior users
  5. Print IR8A to employees (ready before Feb 2015)
  6. E-filing to IRAS for year end submission (Ready before Feb 2015)
  7. Print employee statement of accounts or monthly salary voucher
  1. One customer to many projects
  2. Revenue by project
  3. One cost and/or expenses allocations to multiple projects
  4. Project profit and Loss report
  5. General ledger by project
  1. Add newly acquired asset or opening balances in asset master
  2. Print bar code label to track asset
  3. Straight line, sum of year digit or reducing method
  4. Generate monthly depreciation schedule
  5. Process monthly depreciation at each month end
  6. Auto generate general ledger journal entries to depreciation and accumulated depreciation accounts
  7. Disposal of asset by indicating the sales proceed value, auto generate gain/loss in disposal account in GL
  8. Impairment of fixed asset value
  9. Transfer movable asset from employee to employee
  10. Track movable asset by department, by location, by asset group using report
  11. Set Residual value or disposal value
  12. Print Fixed Asset schedule for audit purpose
  1. Supports multiple outlets (30 concurrent outlets)
  2. Support bar code label printing (please consult)
  3. Supports mobile road show retail sales
  4. User screen display product picture for cashier to verify product sold
  5. Void, on-hold, returned, exchange, refund
  6. Mall integration to landlord (Please consult)
  7. Daily settlement by cashier and manager
  8. Discount by stock, by cashier, by manager
  9. Promotion discount, festive discounts
  10. Direct integration to accounts receivables
  1. Individual users' task [To do..] lists
  2. Shared calendar and tasks lists
  3. Add tasks to your colleagues or other users
  4. Track pending, completed tasks
  5. Add reminders , one day before, hours before due date/time
  6. Pop-up screen when user login to read what to complete today
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