Cloud Computing is the next exciting IT development in the business environment. Riding on Next Generation broadband fibre optics network (with greater data transfer speed), with more new data centres coming up, and virtualization technology (better IT resources management tool), what was once used to be a big boy’s tools, resources are now more affordable, we are now able to bring it closer to you, to provide a cost effective solutions to our users. Cloud computing is about cutting down unutilized resources, costs of maintaining or upgrading an oversized server, cost of powering up your servers, saving office space for a server room or rack in your office floor area, and leaving it to the trusted professionals like us, to manage them. Cloud computing is about collaborating and sharing your information with your stakeholders, not restricting to your office, offering the mobility and accessibility anytime, anywhere.

While all solutions come with benefits and risks, cloud computing benefits far outweigh the risks that come with it. Risks can further be managed in a cloud computing environment by users yourself and the service providers, making it a very compelling reasons to go into cloud computing, leaving your competitors behind. Remember, by not taking a step forward, you are already one step backwards.

What is Realtimme SAAS (Software as a Service)
Realtimme SAAS is a model of our ERP software deployment in a private cloud environment (public cloud is like google doc, gmail, Windows live ) where our application is hosted as a service provided to customers like yourself (you do not buy software anymore) across the internet, where we host and maintain your data (backup, updates and scaling up or scaling down your usage) in our data centre.

Why Realtimme SAAS? Advantages and Facts:

  • The software is hosted and managed by us, so you don’t have to worry about hardware and installation costs. You just need to have a notebook and an internet connection.
  • For new company set up, sign up with the Realtimme SAAS and you can begin using the software immediately, @SGD400 (or USD320) per year for single user access. No hidden cost, and enjoy more discounts with more users.
  • Improve your cash flow, put your capital to better use, rather than invest in depreciating IT assets and softwares.
  • Save on your electricity bills and floor area to house your servers.

  • Backup, updates, patches and maintenance are free and done entirely on our end
  • Considering paying thousands of dollars to upgrade or replace your server? No more with SAAS
  • Server crash? Replace server parts? Downtime cost? No more worries

  • Increase your users during peak period (Christmas season?) or reduce your users during off peak period
  • Flexible business plan to accommodate expansion or downsizing of business
  • 1 user, 2 users and 3 users …and up to 9 users plan to switch around
  • Reduce your cost from 12 user plan to 6 or 3 user plan in the next renewal

  • Be faster than your competitor when giving your customer quotation, issue invoice etc.
  • Know your stock balances and confirm with your customer’s enquiry on the fly.
  • Share your sell-through info with your supplier to replenish stocks.
  • Enjoy and access your information anytime, anywhere.
  • Your book-keeper can update your accounts from their location.
  • Better work-life balance between work and family.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Neither is your data is safe residing in your company.
  • Most company never practices disciplined backup procedures.
  • Most often backup files are not properly archived and labeled.
  • Reported abuse arises more often from internal staff.
  • Free your staff from backup routine.
  • Can your data be backup into a external disk in your current system? If the answer is Yes, then your data is not safe either, within your company.

  • Our user login module tracks your users’ login and logout date/time, frequency of access and you can control your user’s working hours access to the system only.
  • User audit trial can be printed out if you suspect abuse or intrusion. We can track the time, modules, additions, amendments or deletions made by the malicious users with a report for you, with a fee.
  • Only our senior staff can have access to your data solely for maintenance purpose only.

  • Installation and configuration is still required in each computer (or notebook) to access the data.
  • Access to the data centre is using virtual private network (VPN is more secure) and not a web-based application whereby user id and password can be compromised.
  • Change of password to the data centre is activated at regular interval to ensure no compromise of security.
  • Constant review of security infrastructure at our end and users’end to reduce risk of breaches.

  • Our pricing model assures you that it will still be cheaper to adopt our SAAS plan
  • For the first 3 users, your capital outlay is < than SGD1,000.00 (approx USD 750) as annual subscription fee and thereafter, versus a cost of ownership of > than SGD5,000.00 (approx USD3700), not including the subsequent annual support service charges by other vendor.
  • You do not need to pay annual support service fee with our SAAS package.You pay only the annual subscription fee.

  • We allow short contracts of 6 months, so that you can withdraw from our service anytime.
  • You can print a copy of your ledger books, financial statements, customer aging , supplier aging , stock card details and valuations in the spreadsheet anytime, terminate our service immediately.
  • We collect the fees upfront, so there is no reason to be locked out of your system.

  • Only our trusted senior staffs have access to your data, for the purpose of maintenance and support only.
  • Client’s data confidentiality is the most fundamental trust put to us that we hold dearly and the only reason of our presence.
  • If you can trust your newly recruited accounting staff with your information, you should not have problem trusting us who has a track record in this business for the last 17 years to maintain and support our 1000 over customers’ information.
  • While all care and safeguards are taken, we cannot guarantee a full 100% assurance that your information will not be abused, nobody will, but we endeavour to work with our clients to meet the target if there is any reported or suspected abuse.

  • We understand that no one can promise eternity, but the risk can be managed to reduce any damage that may arise.
  • We auto backup your data every day, at your approved, prescribed timing and do a off-site data transfer every alternate day.
  • We have more than one data centres serving our customers and we are ready to “evacuate” your servers in one business-day time in the most critical circumstances.
  • We conduct “shut down” drills and “data evacuation” drills for all our IT support staff quarterly to refresh and familiarization procedures.
  • We provide value-add service to transfer backup files to your designated pc back in your office for safe keeping.
  • It is your due diligience to print a hardcopy of your year-to-date general ledgers, customers and suppliers subsidiary ledgers or inventory reports regularly and transfer the latest brought forward figures to another system if the need arises.
  • Just as natural disaster can strike anytime anywhere, if you regularly keep a updated ledger reports from the system, you should be safe from any unforseen circumstances.

  • Our support team is accountable for your satisfaction and assists you in any issues in achieving your goals.

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